Compliance training and workshops
for waste managers

So many questions. We have the answers.

Many companies do not have a dedicated waste manager. Even those that do can find it difficult to keep pace with changing legislation and case law. Under that legislation, there are strict regulations on the disposal of solder waste. And it is not only the company producing the waste that is responsible for compliance – the waste manager is liable too. Use our training and workshops to get legal certainty and answers to all your questions.


Training in 2019


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Josef Jost GmbH & Co. KG
Blintroper Weg 11
58802 Balve


Josef Jost GmbH & Co. KG
Blintroper Weg 11
58802 Balve

We also provide on-site training. Contact us for details.

Training: participants and content

Our training is tailored for management personnel in companies that produce solder waste. Topics include:

  • Metallurgical differentiation of tin- and precious metal-bearing waste
  • Waste properties/assessment and correct identification
  • European waste management law and environmental law
  • Provisions of German waste management law and other environmental regulations
  • Responsibility and liability for waste disposal
  • Criteria for choosing a waste disposal provider

Our trainers are expert in Sections 54, 59 & 60 of the Circular Economy Act (KrWG), Section 9 of the Ordinance on Specialised Waste Management Companies (EfBV), Section 5 of the Ordinance on Notification and Authorisation (AbfAEV) and Section 9 of the Ordinance on Waste Management Officers (AbfBeauftrV). They help waste and quality managers to understand the relevance of the Circular Economy Act and achieve full legal compliance in everything from internal processes to the selection of external waste disposal providers.

  • Melanie Tierling
    Fantastic training on proper recycling of solder waste, on the relevant legislation and on the legal penalties for mixing solder waste originating from different manufacturers. If you’re involved in this industry, attending this course is a MUST! And thank you for the real-world examples.
    Melanie Tierling
    Balver Zinn
  • Uwe Nidermayer – Sales Director
    A highly complex area where it's easy to get things very wrong
    Uwe Nidermayer – Sales Director
    Almit GmbH