Creating value from waste

Get legal certainty and peace of mind with MTM. As a certified waste disposal specialist, we dispose of solder waste in full compliance with the Circular Economy Act (KrWG).

With MTM, you can delegate your responsibility for disposal of your tin- and precious metal-bearing waste. You also benefit from our extensive network of precious metal refineries, laboratories and dealers. With advice on storage, transport and recycling through to monitoring and documentation, we cover the entire disposal process from waste to recycled product and guarantee a fair market price.

Solder waste, solder dross, tin oxides, solder recovery system ash – we handle it all for you.

MTM provides

  • Expert advice
  • Tailored service
  • Suitable storage and transportation containers
  • Legally compliant waste collection, including transport insurance (national and international)
  • Expert sampling and lab analysis
  • Waste assessment and selection of the most efficient recycling path
  • Waste processing within our global network of leading recycling companies
  • Documentation from waste receipt and analysis through to the Waste Recovery and Disposal Record
  • A fair market price for all recyclables

Benefits for you

  • Convenience and efficiency
  • Sustainable, eco-friendly and legal disposal of all waste
  • Insurance on all recyclables from initial transport to billing
  • Fulfilment of all your obligations as a waste producer to monitor and document disposal

Our compliance training provides everything you need for legally compliant waste management. Learn more…